SEO trends in 2020

SEO trends in 2020 The goal of SEO is to please major search engines. In other words, optimize your site so that it ranks well in search results. But are we there yet? Of course, we are. So, try to anticipate and prepare for these SEO trends. Let's analyze the main obstacles in effective SEO optimization, and how you can avoid them.TrafficAll traffic is translated into the top positions of search engines. Translation is crucial here. High traffic sites have a higher chance to appear at the top. Traffic analysisThere are different strategies for attracting traffic: direct traffic, referral traffic, traffic from the homepage and other links, traffic from the "bottom" and others. Different channels can bring different traffic. How do I find out which one is the most suitable for my traffic? Let's figure it outThe easiest way is to analyze the site using traffic monitoring services. They analyze all traffic in the site and show you which pages are most often visited by users. This means that you can already understand which pages redirect to get to the top. Find out the traffic source (also known as SERP) and the page with the highest number of sessions. Find out which page loads the most users. And so on. Analyze the traffic flowYou can also use various tracking services simultaneously. Their reports will give you a better understanding of the site's traffic. Combined metrics and recommendationsThe results of this analysis should be combined into a single table. This way you will be able to see which pages are not covered by traffic, but which ones are moving towards the 1st position. For example, you have a dozen low-traffic pages, and the average session is 1.5 minutes. It is quite common to see pages with a lot of links, but not many users. In this case, the "cover" is the lead. We'll call them "low volume".High-quality trafficThe ideal traffic source is the subscriber who is already ready to buy the product. Here he is ready to spend money, and you need to attract more people. People are willing to make a small investment for a high-quality resource.You need to constantly expand your audience in order to retain and attract more users. To do this, you should work with:quality over quantity;price or value over quality;situation over urgency;whatever it takes to move you closer to the target audience.What exactly is needed for this purpose? We have already discussed the development process in detail. Now let's talk about specific recommendations.5 minutes is a very important time. Stop adding ads and links.2-3 minutes is quite a normal amount of time for traffic analysis. But the average session length is up to 2 hours. This means that you should use it. Take traffic from your competitorsThis is also a logical move. But you should not underestimate the effectiveness of competitor analysis. Working with the analysis frameworkYou can use it to find gaps in your traffic and optimize your path. The framework also calculates conversion rates and ranks web pages based on similarities. This means that traffic analysis should be done in such a way that the pages do not look suspicious to you.This is a difficult job, and you should not do it lightly. The rankings are affected by:the page's traffic;the page's ranking in search results (if there is any);how well the page responds to other traffic;how many hidden pages the page has.To summarizeYou need to analyze your traffic and the traffic in order to at least know where you are in the search results. This can be done using any of the available methods, but the path to the finished page is different for different traffic types. Therefore, it is very important to find out exactly in which cases you need to change your traffic and optimize your strategy. changes.To summarizeTraffic analysis is a very important part of SEO. It is not so easy to do it right, especially if you are not used to working with it. You need to study your competitors, their goals, and their support staff to at least understand what tactics they use. It is also important to understand which pages receive traffic from your target audience. And to do this, you can use some statistics. For more information on how to do this, see our analysis. See also:How to generate traffic in Instagram InstagramThe common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them using optimization